Two sisters surviving against the odds.  Breast Cancer claimed the lives of their mother and 4 sisters.  Bobbie's a two times breast cancer survivor and Katherine is also a breast cancer survivor.  Still smiling and encouraging others to never stop fighting.  

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With sadness we report that Bobbie lost her battle to cancer on 9/11/16, after her 4th round of cancer.  Cancer of the Stomach claimed her life after 20 months of Chemo.  Still we rise at Against All Odds to continue the support of the survivors.  

Stay tune as we launching of the Bobbie Jackson Fund - a fund where as those still in the battle can submit their case for support, rather it be for themselves or their children needs.  

Our 2017 Women of Vision Luncheon will be the platform for the inaugural of the fund. We are currently accepting funds for the first recipient of these funds.  

Stay connected for updates as they develop.  We at Against All Odds thank you for your continued support. 

Thanks to our Sponsors and Contributors for their continued support over the years.

Priceless Smiles of Survivors!

Against All Odds Foundation

Stories of Hope

We are launching Stories of Hope and Victory. Use our site as a way to share your breast cancer survival stories and inspire others. Connect with us and help us raise breast cancer awareness.  Send a Note on our Contact Page.

Bobbie and Katherine's Hope

Founded in May 1999 - Against All Odds Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3 organization.  Initially, we were founded to provide an emotional safe haven for breast cancer and other cancer survivors.  We at Against All Odds do not believe that a cancer diagnosis is a death sentence; it is a re-start of your life as you knew it.   

Our mission has expanded to include the underserved community.  We provide support for their basic needs to be met and do not fall within the guidelines of the other services available to some.   Providing individuals and families with their essential needs, personal care items, and more.  

We also provide up-to-date information on other programs and funding that may be available to those families that are in need.  We serve the underserved population in the Tri-county area.  We partner with other Health Care Providers in the community through our  "Passport to Better Health" Symposium to provide them with more up-to-date information on Cancer treatment updates and other degenerate diseases that may or may not affect them and their families..    

We support women of all ages, in all stages of breast cancer and other cancers, along with their families; encouraging them to reclaim their lives.  There is life after a cancer diagnosis.

These women benefit from local fundraising events; our "Women of Vision" Luncheon, Walk in the Rose Garden, "A Bid for Life" Affair, Fashion Shows with Live Jazz, and our newest event The Michigan Chicken Wing Festival.